Columbia Business School

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Financial Services (Master Class)

Professors R.A. Farrokhnia, Stephen Zeldes

The Psychology and Economics of Consumer Finance

Professors Eric Johnson, Stephen Zeldes

The Marketing of Financial Services

Professor Raj Seshadri

Immersion Seminar: The Financial Services Industry

Professor Trevor Harris

financial crises, regulatory responses

Professors Patrick Bolton, Jeff Gordon

How to Manage the regulatory conflicts and opportunities of the digital economy

Professor Eli Noam

Digital investing

Professors Jonathan Knee, Jeremy Philips

Behavioral Economics & Decision Making

Professors Elizabeth Webb, Eric Johnson

Columbia School of International and Public Affairs*

Entrepreneurship for the New (Technology) Economy

Professor Hilary Gosher

Global Financial Services in the 21st Century

Professor Richard Goldberg

Financial Inclusion: Models and Product to Enhance Financial Access for the Poor

Professors Camilla Nestor, Louise Schneider-Moretto

Reigning in the Big Banks: Supervision and Regulation

Professor Christine Cumming

Using Big Data to Develop Public Policy

Professor Francesco Brindisi

Technology and the Future of Governance and Public Policy

Professors Hollie Gilman, Ari Wallach

* Subject to Columbia Business School Degree Requirements for Cross-Registration