Columbia Fintech is a student-led organization that aims to centralize and develop education, community and innovation in the field of financial technology. By drawing on its unparalleled location in New York City and multi-school resources, Columbia Fintech will serve as the premier, student-led platform to drive developments in financial services technology.

  • Education: Columbia FinTech will focus on providing students with opportunities to learn about various sectors within fintech (and the industry as a whole) through on-campus and off-campus opportunities that draw on the expertise of academics, students and industry professionals, leveraging the robust Columbia network and industry contacts within this space.
  • Community: Columbia FinTech will focus on making Columbia University the hub for fintech by connecting students, faculty, alumni and other industry professionals to foster a true community.
  • Innovation: Columbia FinTech will build on Columbia Business School’s Entrepreneurship focus and leadership in financial services by holistically supporting students involved in innovation in the sector, whether they are starting their own company, looking to invest in an existing platform or striving to bring innovation to established companies through intrapreneurship.