Hitting the Ground Running (and Managing Your Wealth)

Business school is known to be fast paced, busy and chaotic (in a good way!). Well for Columbia FinTech, this is even more so the case. In our first month as a student led club at Columbia Business School, we’ve hit the ground running by hosting a number of events, ranging from a technology workshop for fintech entrepreneurs hosted by Dan Kwon of FullStack 360, to our launch happy hour.

Our first panel, "The Future of Wealth Management", brought together representatives from across the wealth management industry and over 50 students to discuss the impact and future of robo-advisory. Moderated by Arjun Saxena of Strategy&, the panel included: Lena Mass-Cresnik of BlackRock, Sid Sharma of Hedgeable, Alix FitzGerald of Betterment.

They shared their vision not only around what their respective companies are doing to provide the consumers with better investing products, but also on the overall fintech landscape and how the old and the new worlds of financial services are working together. Both the panel and the active audience of engineers, SIPA and MBA students brought up a number of interesting points including: whether the work with or against the banks, the fast increase in the number of high net worth individuals opting for robo-advisors, fully automated vs human augmented investing strategies, and many more. Another topic that was of interest to the many students in the audience were the exciting development opportunities that the industry presents to engineering AND business school students alike. Let’s say not that many were eager to leave the room after the panel ended…

We are encouraged by the amount of interest from the Columbia community to our first panel and hope that our upcoming events and the resources that we make available continue to be a source of inspiration and education for our members.