CyrusOne to create preeminent financial services co-location hub in Chicago

Check out what Gary Wojtaszek, CyrusOne CEO & proud Columbia Business School alum, had to say about CME Group's plan to sell its Chicago data center to CyrusOne:

"The acquisition-leaseback of this facility offers unique advantages to our customers involved in the global financial markets by providing connectivity to those transacting on the CME Globex platform.

With this facility, and with CME Group as our tenant, we are excited to have the opportunity to expand the global risk management campus in Chicago - the preeminent financial services co-location hub in the industry - which will be a cornerstone of our unique and rapidly growing data center platform.

This acquisition helps solidify our position in the financial services market and will create additional FinTech opportunities by offering a unique ecosystem to our financial, energy, enterprise, and cloud customers, " said Gary Wojtaszek, President and CEO of CyrusOne.