Industry publications

Today’s FinTech environment is comprised of many sub-sectors: payments, lending, wealth management, insurance, and - of course - blockchain and cryptocurrencies, among others. The resources below are a good starting point for individuals looking to grasp the basics of FinTech technologies, firms, and trends.

For those interested in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain, the Jameson Lopp Blog and Consensys Academy websites contain links to articles, podcasts, documentaries, and more. For those looking for a broader view of FinTech, the FinTech Trends to Watch guide lays out trends and players in each of the industry’s sub-sectors.

Beyond these three sources, The FinTech 250 report by CB Insights lists 250 of the top private companies, a valuable list for those networking and recruiting in FinTech. We have also included a link to the Best FinTech Reports, a list of FinTech publications from consulting firms and service providers like PwC, Deloitte, Capgemini, Accenture, McKinsey, and CoinDesk.

If you are interested in initial coin offerings (ICOs), the #Token Mania publication explains how ICOs work and how token investments are different from traditional equity investments. The Blockchain Investment Trends in Review report provides insight into blockchain investments by funding source (e.g., venture capital, corporate venture, and initial coin offerings). Lastly, the Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study provides an overview of the crypto ecosystem: exchanges, wallets, payments, and mining companies.